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The Ford Expedition is one of the large SUVs available. It was one of the first large SUVs offered and it continues to be a strong seller. The vehicle has had several improvements and upgrades in recent years to make it worth looking closely at. This is a great vehicle overall including interior, physical appearance, towing capacity, speed, and safety.

The fuel mileage of the Ford Expedition is about 14 mpg in town and 20 mpg on the highway. It offers a very smooth ride and very good handling. The vehicle even does well trying to get into tight spots including parking spaces. One of the reasons is that is has an independent rear suspension. The engine is a powerful V8.

There is plenty of overall space inside of the Ford Expedition. It features three row seating and there is plenty of room, even in the back. There is lots of storage space too which makes it ideal for traveling. The EL model offers additional storage space which is something to think about when deciding which model to purchase.

A rearview camera is standard as are front and side airbags. This vehicle offers the basics when it comes to safety features. The Ford Expedition is a bit more expensive than the other large SUVs but it is worth the investment. The cost depends on the features that the consumer is interested in.
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