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The Ford Explore is a midsized SUV that consumers really seem to enjoy. The vehicle has been on the market for a very long time. Over time, it has gone through various interior and exterior upgrades to help keep it on the top of the list. The engine offered is offered with a standard 6 cylinder engine or the option of a turbo charged 4 cylinder.

Customizing the vehicle is also something that many consumers rave about. The Terrain Management System allows them to adjust the transmission, brakes, and engine parameters in order to get the best results for the type of terrain they are going to drive on.

The interior of the Ford Explorer offers plenty of leg room and overall comfort. The vehicle offers seating for up to 7 people. The smartphone integration system allows for hands free use of a phone while driving.

This vehicle is extremely safe in all of the testing, and that is a huge selling point for most consumers. They want a vehicle that drives well, that offers plenty of power, and that they can feel safe in. They find all of it in the Ford Explorer. The fuel mileage is decent too, offering 17 mpg in town and 24 mpg on the highway.

There is also a Ford Explorer Sports Trac model offered. This is a great choice for the consumer that would like to use the vehicle often on difficult terrain and off road excursions.
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