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The Ford Focus is as compact, two door or four door vehicle. It is commonly appreciated by those that don’t need to carry lots of passengers or lots of cargo. It is a comfortable vehicle that works very well for traveling on a regular basis or for commuting to and from work. It gets exceptional fuel mileage which is one of the main selling points. It gets 34 mpg in the city and 43 mpg on the highway.

The interior of this vehicle is designed to offer the maximum level of comfort. The seats are comfortable and all of the controls are easy for the driver to reach. This vehicle also have high safety ratings. It is considered to be the best handling vehicle in the category of compact vehicles offered today.

Many consumers are surprised to learn that this vehicle offers plenty of power too. They often assume that such a small car won’t have enough power. Yet this one certainly has more than enough and it accelerates very quickly. Some of the models even feature a turbocharged engine.

This vehicle is quite durable and many consumers drive it for several years. They continue to be reliable vehicles, even with high mileage as long as routine maintenance has been conducted.
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