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The Ford Ranger is a compact pickup that has been around for quite some time. Yet the versatility of it, reputation, and the upgrades to the body and interior over time have helped it to remain in the spotlight.

The base model Ford Ranger offers a 4 cylinder engine that is a decent power source. However, most consumers find that the model with the V6 engine is a better choice and accelerates easier. If you plan to use the pickup for any type of hauling or towing, then you definitely want to go with the more powerful choice. Consumers can also select between 2 or 4 wheel drive.

This compact vehicle does well in the area of fuel mileage. It provides 19 mpg in the city and 24 mpg on the highway. There is a basic cab and an extended cab offered. The base cab has room for 3 people while the extended cab offers two fold down seats. The vehicle offers some basic concepts in the cabin and all of the controls are easy to reach and simple to use.

The shortcoming of the Ford Ranger is that it gets one of the lowest safety ratings of all compact pickups. Perhaps this is an area that Ford will focus on when it implements upgrades for the 2015 model. There has been information circulating that the vehicle will get a complete overhaul to be able to compete with others in the same class.
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