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The Ford Transit is a commercial grade light van that has been in production since 1965. There are 5 generations of the vehicle out there. The newer models are frequently requested as fleet vehicles for various types of businesses. These vehicles are also commonly used as ambulances and for handicap accessible transports.

These vehicles are usually customized to fit the needs of the customers. Some of them feature a V6 but most have a V8 in order to offer the additional speed that may be necessary. They can be created with a lift at the back for a wheelchair or a side open lift. They can be created with or without the additional seating in the back. Many of them have only the front seating provided.

When a Ford Transit is going to be used as a fleet vehicle, it may be created with lots of shelves to hold supplies in place. The layout really depends on what the consumer would like to have. Some of them are bare bone designs and others are fully loaded and crafted. Some of the older models have been converted into food trucks. They are durable vehicles and they seem to have plenty of purposes.
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