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Consumers looking for a reliable and attractive mid-sized SUV should consider the GMC Acadia. This is a sharp looking vehicle with a wide grill in the front and plenty of storage in the back. It features a rugged design and the vehicle is built to last. Fuel mileage isn’t bad at all with about 17 mpg in the city and 24 mpg on the highway.

There is more than enough power offered for the GMC Acadia with the V6 engine. It provides more than enough power for day to day use and even for towing from time to time. The interior is upscale, and gets higher reviews than most of the competitors in the mid-sized SUV class. One area where it seems to fall behind others is that it is harder to maneuver in tight spaces according to various consumers.

The interior offers plenty of storage room around the cabin. Even the third row of seating is very comfortable and that is encouraging. The back seat areas folds down for additional storage too. A rear entertainment center can be added on to the GMC Acadia.

Safety is a huge factor for most consumers, and this vehicle offers the best of the best. It excels in all of the various safety related elements. A backup camera is standard.
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