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One of the best looking mid-sized sedans on the market today is the Honda Accord. The body design is very sleek and it has plenty of definition along the sides of the vehicle, and attractive front end, and a stylish rear end. This sedan has less cargo space due to the design though than other vehicles that fit into this same category. The back seat does fold down though to offer some additional cargo space should you need it.

This vehicle gets top reviews when it comes to how it handles. In fact, many consumers say it drives like a sports car but they get more room and cheaper insurance rates so they love it! The interior of this vehicle offers plenty of space and no clutter. Everything is well laid out to make it simple to access. The backseat area has plenty of room for 3 adults, and it ranks #1 in overall comfort for a mid-sized sedan.

There are plenty of luxuries inside of the Honda Accord. It comes with an excellent stereo and speaker system. It has many great safety features too including front and side airbags, forward collision warning system, and a camera that identifies blind spots to help reduce collisions. There is a significant difference between the base price and the fully loaded Honda Accord.
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