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When it comes to luxury vehicles, the Lexus RX is one of those held in the highest regards. This is a mid-sized SUV with a very sophisticated and elegant appearance to it. For those that want something luxurious but need the room offered in an SUV, it is the perfect match.

The interior is very spacious and comfortable, making it a great vehicle for daily commuting or long distance traveling. There is also lots of cargo space offered which is a great selling point with consumers.

The engine is a powerful V6 and the vehicle does very well in terms of acceleration and when it comes to passing. It handles extremely well, and this is very true of the sports version of the Lexus RX that is offered as an upgrade. It is both smooth and quiet, making the ride in it very appealing.

Decent fuel mileage come with the Lexus RX. It offers 18 mpg in the city and 25 mpg on the highway. Standard safety features include rearview camera, parking sensors at the front and rear, and 10 airbags.

There is also a hybrid version of the Lexus RX available. This isn’t a cheap car but one that can be well worth what you pay for it.
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