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It comes as no surprise to many people to find out that the vehicle known as Lincoln was named after President Lincoln. The owner of the company was in awe of all Lincoln had accomplished in the military and as President. The company was established in 1915, but made aircrafts prior to making vehicles.

The aircraft they built were for World War I. Once the war ended, the decision was made to convert the facility to a manufacturing plant for luxury vehicles. However, the company didn’t do well and filed for bankruptcy in 1922. It was purchased by Henry Ford. The Lincoln was the first introduction to the luxury car market for Ford, and they did very well with it.

The style of the Lincoln was the same for many years and consumers never got tired of it. However, in 2000 there were substantial changes and upgrades offered. The changes were the result of a need for better safety and for better fuel economy. The vehicle won numerous awards including Motor Trend’s Car of the Year.

The USA and Canada account for about 70 percentof the sales of the Lincoln. There are marketing strategies in place to help expand their sales in other countries. The vehicles are made in Ontario, Canada. Many have called the Lincoln the most beautiful car that was ever made. The bulk of its competition comes from the Cadillac.
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