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Even though Porsche has been available since 1898, they weren’t seen in the United States until 1950. As soon as they hit the showroom floors, they were a sensational hit with those that had money to spend and a desire to drive a fast car that got attention from everyone that saw it.

In 1954, Porsche introduced the roadster which was the first racing car they offered. It was unveiled at the New York Auto Show. The Porsche models offer a two seat design. There isn’t much cargo space or storage room. However, the interior is very comfortable and has lots of upscale perks including leather seats and an outstanding sound system.

In spite of offering fast cars, Porsche has also paid attention to the issue of safety. Their cars come standard with many of the advanced features available. They have also implemented fuel saving options to make them more attractive to consumers.

One of the hot vehicles offered for 2014 that consumers have their eye on is the Porsche 911 Turbo. The car handles exceptionally well and can reach speeds of up to 196. The vehicle is costly but certainly one that will be fun to drive and that will turn heads as you go by.
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