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One of the well-known car manufacturers is Subaru. It has been in business since 1953. It has headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. Since 1996 all of the models feature all wheel drive. This makes the vehicles safe to drive on all road conditions. Safety is a driving force behind the designs of the company.

The vehicles offer a friendly design and plenty of interior room. Consumers like being able to get an affordable car that offers them so much. There are wagons, sedans, and even SUVs that they offer. This versatility makes it possible for consumers to get exactly what they want.

One of the foundation elements of Subaru is in their engine. Almost all of the vehicles they offer feature the layout of the boxer engine. This allows the vehicles to ride very smooth and to be quiet. Much more so than its competitors. Consumers can also choose to upgrade to a turbocharged component for more speed and acceleration.

There are plenty of changes on the horizon for the Subaru company. One of them involves upgrades that will change their sedans to a style that is more likely a luxury vehicle. They are also going to offer some sports car like designs to help them compete in that market.
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