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There is no question that the BMW 3 Series is a classy car that gets noticed! It is considered one of the best in the class of upscale luxury vehicles. This is a four door vehicle with a very sharp overall design. It offers a rounded front in and there is plenty of storage capacity in the trunk.

The interior has all of the lovely perks you could want, and it is very comfortable. There is seating for 5 adults with lots of legroom. It handles very well and it is both smooth and quiet. Most consumers state that this car offers a driving experience that is fun. This is a powerful vehicle too and it is offered as a 4 cylinder or a turbo charged 6 cylinder. Fuel mileage isn’t bad either with 24 mpg in town and 36 mpg on the highway.

The iDrive system is part of the BMW 3 Series, and it helps to make driving very simple. There are alerts including blind spot detection and collision prevention. There are several cameras with this vehicle including a rear view camera, side view cameras, and even a top view camera.

Safety is always important with any vehicle, and this one doesn’t fall short. It gets excellent reviews in all of the safety tests. The price tag for the BMW 3 Series isn’t small but it is a luxury car you can be proud of!
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