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When it comes to high profile luxury cars, you can’t go wrong with the BMW. They are very classy looking on the outside, and comfortable inside. They offer plenty of perks beyond your everyday vehicle. They are also very safe due to the additional safety features that they can be purchased with. The vehicles are fast, but handle nicely, even at those top speeds.

BMW was introduced as a manufacturer of vehicles in 1916. Many people don’t know that prior to offering vehicles, BMW built airplanes. Their logo actually represents propellers of an airplane while they are moving. The company was established in Germany. The name BMW Stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke.

One of the historical designs of the BMW is the kidney grille. It was introduced in the 1933 BMW 303. Even though the cars have gone through many transformations over the years, this is still one it gets plenty of attention for. Today, many of the newer models feature smaller engines. However, they are still very powerful and it hasn’t reduced the demand for such vehicles.

In addition to cars, BMW also offers motorcycles and SUVs. However, their cars are the top selling items they offer that consumers are after. There are 24 plants that make these cars, and they are located in 13 countries. Different models of vehicles are made at various plants. The one plant located in the USA manufactures two SUVs – BMW X5 and BMW X6.
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