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The Cadillac name is known for providing very luxurious vehicles. The logo is a coat of arms and one of the best recognized out there when it comes to vehicles. The company has its headquarters in Warren, Michigan.

The early vehicles, including those in the 1970s were very large vehicles. Today, they are more refined with enough room, but more of the focus is on luxury than ever before. If you want a vehicle with lots of perks, then this is certainly one to consider. Cadillac also gets top ratings for the quality of their safety features. They go well beyond the industry standards.

Eco-friendly cars have also be a huge selling point for the company in recent years. For example, the CTS and SRX have quality censors. This detects the amount of air pollution and if it is high, then your car will automatically go into the mode for re-circulating the air. All of the Cadillac’s sold today have OnStar to help with vehicle location, navigation, and even help in the event of an emergency.

Cadillac doesn’t mass produce vehicles at the same speed as other companies out there. However, they sell their vehicles for a premium price which does help them with a nice profit margin. They are considered to be well known globally too as they are the #1 luxury car sold in China.
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