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One of the delightful compact SUVs on the market is the Chevrolet Equinox. It is a well-made vehicle that is very smooth and quiet. It offers seating for five adults and it is very comfortable. There is lots of leg room and plenty of features inside that make it ideal for traveling in. This vehicle features a powerful V6 engine.

The fuel mileage is very good on the Chevrolet Equinox, offering 23 in town and 31 on the highway. It is comparable to driving many of the other compact SUVs that are in the same class. The design of this one though is very sporty and classy, making is appealing in the eyes of the consumer. However, this one does offer less overall cargo space than some of the other compact SUVs that are available.

Some consumers feel that this compact SUV isn’t as athletic as some others they have tested. It seems to come down to a personal preference from the consumer’s point of view. The interior has some great features including heated seats, satellite radio, and USB ports. This vehicle doesn’t disappoint in the area of safety either. Some of the additional features it includes are a backup camera, lane departure warning system, and a forward collision alert system.

This is a vehicle built to last and that seems to really be enjoyable to those that own it.
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