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1925 is the year that Chrysler was established, and it continues to be one of the top car manufacturers today. The headquarters are located in Auburn Hills, Michigan. The company was able to appeal to consumers by offering low cost vehicles. The consumers loved that they were able to get a reliable 6 cylinder vehicle without paying a fortune for it.

Many consumers don’t realize that Dodge was taken under the Chrysler umbrella in 1928. The expansions continued in 1982 when Plymouth also became part of the Chrysler brand. Jeep was added in 1987.

The first vehicles were large sized, and they were dynamic. Over time, especially in the 80s when the cost of fuel was an issue, they started to reduce the overall shape. They still offer some luxury cars but they also have what the average consumer would be very content with. This has been the majority of their selling models.

The fact that Chrysler offers a diverse line of vehicles has continued to keep consumers loyal to them. At the same time, it has helped them with enticing new customers to make a purchase. They have one of the largest empires of all vehicle manufacturers. They rank between #10 and #12. They are owned in part now by Fiat.
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