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The vehicle manufacturer known as Hyundai was established in 1967 and the headquarters are on Seoul, Korea.

They are well known around the world, and have over 75,000 employees. They rank #4 in terms of how many vehicles they manufacture annually. They make about 1.6 million vehicles annually. They are known as a producer of a quality vehicle. They have been highly ranked year after year by J.D. Power and Associates.

They continue to be listed as the fastest growing automotive company in the world. In a time of tough economic hits, this is really something to be proud of. They have an inner functionality that is modeled by other companies that wish to cut overhead, increase profit, and continue to make the consumer happy. “Drive your Way” is the slogan and the sideways H is the emblem for their vehicles.

Many of the vehicles that Hyundai offers continue to get rave reviews. The vehicles are built to last. Many of them have a sporty or luxury look to them, but without the high price tags that their competitors offer in such a category. In 2012, the Hyundai Elantra was named Car of the Year by The North American Road Show.
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