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One of the imports available in the world of vehicles is from Kia. They are located in Seoul, Korea. They make approximately 1.6 million vehicles annually. The name Kia means “Rising Out of Asia.”

While the company does well around the world, they seem to be doing the best in Europe. Kia is a very popular vehicle there, and consumers are always eager to buy various models including the sedans and the minivan.

Kia also has contracts that involve manufacturing a large volume of vehicles annually for the military. This includes the South Korean Army and the Defense Arm. The slogan for the company is “The Power to Surprise.”

In 2007, a new style of grill was presented on Kia vehicles. It is referred to as the Tiger Nose. The concept was implemented in order to help Kia vehicles be easy to recognized by consumers and to stand apart from competitors.

One of the reasons why consumers really enjoy the Kia models is that they are so affordable. They get a great looking vehicle with comfortable interior and lots of safety features. Yet they will pay considerably less than they would for similar types of vehicles from various competitors. Getting such value has created brand loyalty with many consumers.
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