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One of the small cars on the market today is the Kia Rio. It is cute, comfortable, and has excellent fuel economy to offer. It provides 28 mpg in the city and 36 mpg on the highway. It is one of the top ranking small cars when everything about it is taken into consideration. In addition to being comfortable, safe, and powerful, it is also very affordable.

Consumers love that the Kia Rio offers them more cargo space than the typical small car does. They also enjoy the quiet, smooth ride that it provides. The steering is dynamic and the braking system is one of the best in this class. It handles well and it is easy to get into small spaces.

The power behind the Kia Rio is a 4 cylinder engine that has plenty of power for driving, passing, and it accelerates with ease. There is plenty of leg room in the vehicle even with the additional cargo it offers. This is a great balance because usually a small car has one or the other to offer.

There are some upgrades available including a navigation system and a stereo that is above and beyond your normal options. The exterior and some of the interior features have some upgrades offered with the 2014 model. It offers more power, better handling, and still a reliable car that the Kia name is known for.
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