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If you are looking for a small, nicely designed car, the Nissan Sentra is a great option. It features a large backseat so that you can have 5 people in the vehicle without anyone being crowded. It also has lots of storage in the trunk. The vehicle is nice in appearance and it performs very well. The engine provides lots of power and overall the vehicle is very quiet.

It also gets amazing fuel mileage of 27 mpg in the city and 26 mpg on the highway. This makes it one of the most fuel efficient vehicles in this particular class. The vehicle has comfortable front seating, but the design of the top of the vehicle may make it difficult for tall individuals to be up front comfortably.

There are numerous perks that can be part of the purchase with a Nissan Sentra. Many of them offer a sunroof. There is also the option of a Bose sound system and a rearview camera. All of the vehicle controls are very conveniently located.

The Nissan Sentra passes the various safety tests, but isn’t overall exceptional in that area.
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