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The car company known as Nissan was introduced in 1933. Their headquarters are located in Japan. Many people don’t realize that the early cars called the Datsun where under the umbrella of the Nissan name. The company has a solid market all over the world.

One of the huge selling points for any Nissan model is the engine. The vehicles feature the VQ and they are found very high on the various top engine lists for vehicles around the world. Another selling skyrocket endeavor was the partnership with Toyota for the Nissan Altima as a hybrid in 2004. Since 2010, Nissan has also offered electric cars in Europe.

When it comes to purchasing vehicles not made in the USA, customers tend to prefer the Nissan over any other important. They like the prices the choices in body styles, and the speed that is offered. They also enjoy the fact that these are quiet vehicles with lots of safety features.

Nissan seems to always be thinking about the long term and the future. They pay attention to trends and unmet needs. As a result, they continue to wow consumers with their improvements and new vehicle introductions. Nissan currently has a very lucrative business deal in place with the French company called Renault.
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