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The prestigious auto manufacturer known as Volvo was introduced in 1927. The Jacob was the first one they introduced. They did well with it and in 1974 they introduced the Volvo 200 series. They did extremely well, and soon they introduced the option for an upgrade with a V6 engine. Trucks were also introduced by Volvo in 1974. The first one was the Volvo Amazon.

All of their vehicles are well known for excellent handling and a very quiet sound. They are also known for offering plenty of interior room and overall comfort. All of the controls are simple to use and well placed. Even though Volvo is a higher end producer, they have prices that are more reasonable for the budget of the average consumer.

Since 1999, Volvo has been on the list of Ford Prestige Auto Group. In 2000 the company changed hands and is now owned by a Chinese company known as Zhejiang Geeley Holding Company.

Safety has always been a top priority of Volvo, and customers really appreciate that. More than 50 years ago, they were the company that developed the seat belt in an effort to protect all occupants of a vehicle in the event of an accident.
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