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If you have a large family, you may be looking for a big SUV to get everyone around in. The Chevrolet Tahoe is at the top of that list due to the quality of the vehicle, the comfort, and how well it handles. The overall body style is very basic but it seems to be accepted well by those that need room for up to 7 people. This body style has been in place on the vehicle since 2007.

It features a powerful V8 engine and it has more power than other large SUVs in the same category. It offers decent fuel mileage of 15 mpg in town and 21 mpg on the highway. Even though it is a larger vehicle, it turns well in small areas and overall handles very well. Most consumers rave about how easy it is to park the Chevrolet Tahoe, even in tight spaces.

There is plenty of cargo space inside of the vehicle as well as lots of leg room. The third row of seating folds with ease so that you can have more cargo space when you need it. The fact that the seats fold rather than needed to be removed is a huge selling point with consumers.

It is also possible to buy the Chevrolet Tahoe as a hybrid. One of the tough elements of this vehicle though is the pricing. While it is built to last, it can be an expensive investment.
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