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Even though Dodge was established in 1900, it wasn’t a vehicle manufacturer until 1915. For the first 15 years, they were an auto parts company only. Even though the company has many cars that they do well with, their biggest market has to do with the full sized and heavy duty pickup trucks.

During World War II, Dodge took a break from manufacturing their vehicles. They made ambulances and other vehicles that were used in the war. They have many popular slogans including “Never Neutral” and “Grab Life by the Horns.” Their emblem is the silver ram.

The muscle car realm has been one that Dodge is well known for. This includes the fast and amazing design of the Dodge Viper. They also offer the Dodge Challenger which was a huge seller when it first came out. In recent years, it has been introduced with a retro look but top performance. They have done well in the SUV realm too with the Dodge Durango.

The Dodge Caravan minivan has been one of the top selling vehicles that they offer. It is also one of the top selling minivans that has ever been offered to consumers. The company has a huge global presence.
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