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The Dodge Ram offers a heavy duty pickup that can be used for work or for daily activities. In addition to great towing options, it is a very comfortable and spacious vehicle to operate or ride in. There are several different models including the 2500 and the 3500 so you can pick the one that is able to meet your needs.

The power of the engine is very appealing to consumers looking at the Dodge Ram. Some of them offer the Mega Cab with more room for occupants. This is perfect if you will be going on long trips and hauling trailers. There are 4x4 options with some models too, and it is a common feature that consumers are interested in.

The Dodge Ram can be featured as a two door or four door model. There are plenty of features in the cabin to consider including satellite radio, built in navigation system, and an excellent stereo and sound system.

This vehicle gets great ratings for overall safety features. Since it can be used for hauling, it has brake features that help with reducing problems with skidding or swaying. It also features a backup camera and a blind spot detection system.

There is a huge difference between the base model and the high end model of the Dodge Ram.
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