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The Honda CRV is one of the well made and affordable compact SUVs available to consumers. It is a great match for anyone looking for a vehicle that can fit 5 adults comfortably but not have to worry about poor fuel mileage. It offers plenty of storage areas in the vehicle with easy access to controls and storage bins. The lift gate also offers storage and the back seating area folds down if you need more storage room.

It offers decent fuel mileage, especially for a vehicle in the SUV category. In town it gets about 23 mpg and 31 mpg on the highway. It doesn’t have the most powerful engine, but it accelerates just fine with the 4 cylinder it features. However, it does lag in acceleration time compared to other SUVs in the same category.

Overall, the vehicle handles very well and it is quiet. It is sold as a front wheel drive vehicle but there are all wheel drive models available. There are many additional safety features of the Honda CRV. They include a backup camera and side airbags. There are tons of features including Pandora music capability, a sunroof, and heated seats.
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