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Japan is the location of origin for Honda. One of the best selling vehicles offered by Honda is the Civic. It was introduced in 1983 as a means of offering consumers a fuel efficient vehicle in the midst of the fuel crisis. It was able to offer 40 mpg on the highway and that was extremely high compared to other vehicles at that time.

Honda is frequently a leader when it comes to introducing new concepts. The first 4 wheel drive car offered to consumers was the Honda Prelude. Honda introduced itself to the SUV market when it presented the Passport under the Isuzu name. In 2003, the Honda Civic was the first hybrid that didn’t have to be plugged in. The battery will last as long as the life of the car.

The company did very well when they introduced the luxury sedan known as the Acura. This vehicle was introduced in 1986. Honda offers much more than just vehicles. They also are one of the largest manufacturers of engines.

They also have a complete line of motorcycles that consumers are eager to purchase. As of 2001 they are the leading vehicle manufacturer in Japan. They sell more vehicles annually than both Ford and GM combined.
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