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One of the lesser known mid-sized SUVs out there is the Jeep Compass. It provides a stylish body with a classy looking hood design. It also has a decent amount of cargo space provided in the back end area. It has a lower price overall than many of the other vehicles in this same category.

Some consumers are disappointed with the power the Jeep Compass offers. The standard model has a 4 cylinder engine that can seem sluggish. There is a turbo charged 4 cylinder engine offered as an upgrade that is recommended. Another issue with some driver’s is that they find the vehicle to make more noise than other SUVs.

It provides a good fuel economy for this class of 23 mpg in town and 30 mpg on the highway. The overall handling isn’t something that people seem to be happy with. It is harder to control than similar SUVs and it is harder to maneuver into tight spaces. There is the choice of 2 wheel or 4 wheel drive. It isn’t one of the best off road SUVs.

There aren’t many perks inside of the Jeep Compass, but it is designed for a comfortable ride and with all of the controls in a simple to reach location. There are some great safety features provided including all around airbags. A backup camera is an option to consider.
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