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The Jeep Liberty is classified as a compact SUV. It is very basic in design, still featuring the box like exterior that many vehicles have upgraded from. It is important to point out that this particular Jeep model is best for the regular roads. If you are looking for something to do well with off road terrain you will be disappointed with this particular model.

The Jeep Liberty is a comfortable vehicle and it can easily be used for day to day commuting. It is a great option for consumers that live in areas that often experience adverse weather such as deep snow in the winter time. The fuel mileage is 16 mpg in the city and 22 mpg on the highway. There is sufficient cargo space offered with this vehicle.

Safety is a common element to look at with any vehicle, and the Jeep Liberty doesn’t disappoint in that area. It features both side and front air bags. A rearview camera is an optional safety feature for this vehicle. The price depends on if you want the base model, all the perks, or something in between.
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