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The brand known as Jeep is famous for the great looking, durable vehicles that they offer. The fact that these vehicles can be used on or off road is important to many consumers. They want a daily driver but also something they can take on the more rugged roads and terrain to go enjoy what nature has to offer.

The name Jeep actually comes from the letters GP – stands for General Purpose. Eventually, that became the name that we are all so familiar with. The name was developed in the 1940s. In additional to offering Jeep models such as the Cherokee for the average consumer, they also offer three different styles that they manufacture for various military branches.

At one time, the updated Jeep models featured square headlights. However, consumers weren’t happy with them so they went back to offering the round ones. It was also possible for consumers to buy conversion kits to change them.

The term flat fender is often tossed around in reference to the Jeep. This is due to the early models featuring a fender that was flat rather than the round design of the newer models. Consumers enjoy the various customization packages offered for the Jeep models and that helps to make them a high selling vehicle.
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