Volkswagen ads in United States

The Volkswagen was designed to be the people’s car. The idea was to make a car that could hold two adults in the front and a few children in the back. The idea was also to make the car affordable so that people could buy it and not worry about the price associated with it. The company is based in German.

Many of the early vehicles offered by Volkswagen were two door and offered a hatchback design for plenty of cargo space. The vehicles were simple but they got the job done. It didn’t take long though for the company to realize if they wanted to get the attention of consumers, then the vehicles also had to have visual appeal.

Many people don’t know that the company also manufacturers big trucks. In Germany, those trucks are often used for racing purposes. The Passat is one of the top selling vehicles offered at this time.

The most iconic vehicle offered by Volkswagen is the Beetle. It was introduced in 1938 and was produced until 2002. Consumers loved the idea of the engine in the back as it was completely different from anything they had ever seen. Those that own them tend to hold onto them so they can be expensive to purchase.
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