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One of the compact SUVs out there is the Toyota RAV4. It is often overshadowed by similar products offered by rivals Chevrolet and Ford. Yet there is plenty offered by this Toyota that consumers are quite content with. It offers a very smooth ride and there is plenty of storage offered with it.

A 4 cylinder engine is offered in the Toyota RAV4, but there is still plenty of power. In fact, many that have test driven it were surprised with how much power it was able to offer. The fuel mileage isn’t bad either with 24 mpg in the city and 30 mpg on the highway. The vehicle is all wheel drive.

The body design of the Toyota RAV4 isn’t as sporty as what you find on other similar types of vehicles. That is why it is often overlooked by consumers. Yet inside it has plenty of comfort including leg and head room. It also offers satellite radio and USB ports.

While this compact SUV gets decent reviews for safety, it doesn’t have all of the advanced features that other similar vehicles offer. That can be a deterrent to consumers looking for the very best to protect them and their family. The Toyota RAV4 has a very decent price attached to it.
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