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The reviews are mixed when it comes to the Toyota Tundra. Some consumers love this full sized vehicle and others aren’t so fond of it. Toyota is well known for offering durable vehicles, and this is one that really has plenty to offer. It is a two door or four door vehicle with a basic body style and it is perfect for daily use or for work tasks. It does have a bit more definition for the 2014 model than in previous years.

With fuel mileage of 16 mpg in town and 20 on the highway, it is comparable in this area to other full sized pickups. However, the overall ride is reported to be rougher than what you will experience with other vehicles in this same classification. There are three engine choices for consumers to select from. The base engine is the V6 and there are two models of the V8 offered as upgrades.

The interior is spacious and offers plenty of leg and head room. There are also plenty of additional items offered with the Toyota Tundra. They include satellite radio and navigation. Safety features include the backup camera and blind spot identification.

It is possible to upgrade to an automatic back window that can be controlled from the driver’s seat. There is a wide gap in terms of price for the Toyota Tundra.
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