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The company known as Toyota was founded in 1937. They are connected to both Lexus and Scion. What is very encouraging is that about 80percent of the Toyota models that are 20 years old are still driven today! They have a high resell value and they are able to do well even at high mileage.

The Toyota company continues to do what they can to offer consumers better vehicles. They are proactive when it comes to the environment. They provide more options for hybrids than any other manufacturer. Approximately 75percent of the hybrids sold are a Toyota model.

The Toyota Camry is the vehicle that first opened up a global sales option for the company. The V6 engine offered plenty of power and it was able to accelerate quickly. The fast braking design was also very popular for consumers as they could see the benefit of that feature while driving on a highway or interstate.

One of the best selling models is the Toyota Prius. This car is found in at least 70 countries. Many of the models they offer get top reviews for safety, handling, and overall power. The Toyota name is one that many consumers feel provides them with a reliable vehicle that is worth what they will pay for it.
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