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The Ford Fusion is featured as a two door or four door vehicle. It is a midsized vehicle that is well known for the performance as well as the affordable price. It is considerably lower in cost than many other vehicles that fall into this same class. There is also a hybrid model of the Ford Fusion available.

The body style of this vehicle is basic, but it is still attractive. It doesn’t offer bells and whistles but it isn’t an eyesore either. The vehicle is offered in both manual and standard models. There is a standard engine and also a turbocharged option. Fuel mileage is good with the Ford Fusion at about 25 mpg in the city and 37 mpg on the highway.

The steering and handling is very precise for this vehicle, and one of the best ranking vehicles available in this category. There is plenty of leg room both up front and in the back. This Ford model also provides plenty of cargo space with the deep design on the trunk.

There are several great safety features provided with this vehicle. The My Ford Touch entertainment system is a perk that many consumers really love with this car.

This vehicle offers plenty of variety so that consumers can get what they want. It also enables them to get a reliable vehicle that coincides with their budget.
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