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Not everyone that is interested in an SUV wants a huge vehicle or a gas guzzler. Yet they like the look and feel of such a vehicle. One of the compact options is the Ford Escape. It offers decent gas mileage of 22 mpg in the city and 33 mpg on the highway. The Ford Escape is also offered in a hybrid model.

The vehicle gets wonderful feedback in regards to how it drives and handles. The engine offered is a 4 cylinder, but it still has plenty of power and accelerates well. There is also the option of two different eco-boost engines available (they are also 4 cylinder).

There are plenty of storage compartments offered in the Ford Escape. It has reasonable storage in the far back area. The backseat can also fold down to offer additional storage. This compact SUV offers enough room for 5 adults. The backseat area is very comfortable and has lots of legroom.

This vehicle gets great ratings for safety too. It comes standard with a backup camera. The lift gate is motion activated. The body style is simple but it is overall a nice looking vehicle that is durable and has plenty of additional items to enjoy inside of the vehicle. The cost of a Ford Escape depends on the trim and various perks you select.
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